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What is View Through Conversion?

View Through Conversion, also known as VTC, is a marketing metric that measures the number of conversions that occur after a user has viewed an advertisement but did not click on it.

The formula for View Through Conversion:

View Through Conversion = Total Conversions – Click Conversions

How is View Through Conversion used by e-commerce businesses?

View Through Conversion is particularly valuable for e-commerce businesses that engage in display advertising or run banner ad campaigns. It helps them gauge the effectiveness of their display ads in generating conversions, even if users don’t click on them.

By tracking View Through Conversions, e-commerce businesses can measure the impact of their display ads on users’ purchase decisions and optimize their ad targeting and creative strategies accordingly. It provides valuable insights into the overall effectiveness of their display advertising efforts.

What is a good result for View Through Conversion?

A good result for View Through Conversion depends on various factors, including the industry, ad format, and targeting. Generally, a higher View Through Conversion rate indicates that the display ads are successfully influencing users to convert even without a click.

For example, if an e-commerce business has a View Through Conversion rate of 15%, it means that 15% of their conversions are attributed to users seeing their display ads without clicking on them. This demonstrates the effectiveness of their ad campaign in driving conversions.

What is a common mistake when analyzing View Through Conversion?

A common mistake when analyzing View Through Conversion is solely attributing conversions to the last click and disregarding the impact of impression-based ads. By only focusing on click conversions, e-commerce businesses may underestimate the role that display ads play in generating conversions.

It’s essential to consider View Through Conversions alongside click conversions to gain a comprehensive understanding of the effectiveness of an ad campaign. By analyzing both metrics, businesses can make informed decisions about their marketing strategies and budget allocation.

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