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What is Video Watch Time?

Video Watch Time is a metric used by e-commerce businesses to measure the amount of time that a visitor spends watching a video on their website. It provides insight into how engaged your audience is with your video content and can help you assess the effectiveness of your video marketing strategies.

The formula for Video Watch Time?

[X] = Total duration of video watched by visitors


Total number of video views

How is Video Watch Time used by e-commerce businesses?

Video Watch Time is used by e-commerce businesses to evaluate the performance of their video content. By analyzing the watch time, businesses can determine which videos are resonating with their audience and adjust their video marketing strategies accordingly. It can also help businesses identify any issues with their video content that may be causing viewers to abandon the videos prematurely.

What is a good result for Video Watch Time?

A good result for Video Watch Time depends on the length and purpose of the video. Generally, the longer the video, the lower the average watch time will be. However, a higher watch time indicates stronger audience engagement. For example, if you have a 10-minute video and the average watch time is 8 minutes, that can be considered a good result. It shows that your audience is highly engaged with your content.

What is a common mistake when analyzing Video Watch Time?

A common mistake when analyzing Video Watch Time is solely focusing on the total watch time without considering the total number of video views. It’s important to look at both metrics together to get a complete picture of audience engagement. For example, if you have a total watch time of 1000 minutes but only 10 video views, it may indicate that there is an issue with the distribution or promotion of your video content, rather than the actual quality of the video.

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