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What is Organic Search Traffic?

Organic Search Traffic refers to the number of website visitors that come to your site through unpaid search engine results. In other words, these are users who find your website by using search engines like Google, Bing, or Yahoo and click on the organic (non-paid) search results to visit your site.

The Formula for Organic Search Traffic

Organic Search Traffic = Total Number of Organic Visits

How is Organic Search Traffic used by e-commerce businesses?

Organic Search Traffic is an important metric for e-commerce businesses because it indicates the effectiveness of their search engine optimization (SEO) efforts. By monitoring and analyzing Organic Search Traffic, e-commerce businesses can measure the impact of their SEO strategies and identify opportunities for improvement. It can also help businesses assess the success of their content marketing efforts in attracting organic search traffic.

What is a good result for Organic Search Traffic?

A good result for Organic Search Traffic depends on various factors such as the size and industry of the e-commerce business, as well as the level of competition in the market. However, generally speaking, a higher Organic Search Traffic indicates better visibility in search engine results and suggests that the business is successfully attracting organic traffic to their website.

For example, let’s say an e-commerce business receives 10,000 organic visits per month. This could be considered a good result if the business is relatively new or operates in a niche market with low competition. On the other hand, a larger e-commerce business operating in a highly competitive market might aim for much higher organic traffic numbers to stay competitive.

What is a common mistake when analyzing Organic Search Traffic?

A common mistake when analyzing Organic Search Traffic is solely focusing on the total number of organic visits without considering other important metrics. While Organic Search Traffic is a valuable metric, it should be analyzed in conjunction with other metrics such as conversion rate, bounce rate, and average order value to gain a comprehensive understanding of the overall performance of the e-commerce business.

For example, a business may have a high Organic Search Traffic but a low conversion rate. In this case, the high traffic may not be translating into actual sales or desired actions on the website. By looking at the conversion rate alongside Organic Search Traffic, the business can identify potential issues with user experience or website optimization that may be hindering conversions.

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